I don’t know about you, but I do miss the social interaction of networking.  Due to the Corona virus most groups are not meeting at this time.  Please stay safe, stay home and limit travel as best you can.  We will rebuild our economy helping one another as best we can in the near future.  I hope you are all safe and enjoying your family or project time around the home.  See you soon!!!

I hope you enjoy these networking updates and events list. Here is a little info that might help. This site has two parts, a list of groups that meet at a regular time and place listed by opening this link Standard-6-Page-Events-List-3 or PDF version Standard-6-Page-Events-List-3 last updated 1/6/2020. When you open the link, it opens a word document sorted by day that shows what groups are meeting, what size the group is, where they meet and who is the contact person. The list has a revision date at the bottom so you know if you have the most recent version. Second scroll down for a list of meeting times for current events. If you know of a networking event or group that meets and would like to get the word out, please let me know. If you are receiving multiple copies of this email or want to be added or removed from the list please email me at kbtsolutions1@gmail.com.

This Week’s Events:

Due to Covid-19 most network groups are not meeting at this time.  Some groups like Professional Connections and BNI Chapters are still meeting via Zoom Video conferencing calls. use this link  Standard-6-Page-Events-List-3 or PDF version Standard-6-Page-Events-List-3 to located the website or person in contact for the group you are interested in and see if they are still having meetings on line via Facebook or Zoom.